I AM MANY [ 100 points ]

forensics , stegano

Hackover CTF 2018 challenge type of forensics “I AM MANY”.
We have a .png file
Then click the button we look that image
I was opened in linux terminal and using wget command [ wget “url” ]
I’m finished installing this picture
So i would like using ‘binwalk’ tool it’s powerful tool of forensics. This image inside structure has [ Decimal = 4662 , HexDecimal = 0x1236 , PNG image , 800 x 76 , 8-bit/color RGBA , non-interlaced ]
[ dd if=hackover.png of=newpicture.png skip=4662 bs=1 ] DD is a command-line utility for Unix and Unix-like operating systems whose primary purpose is to convert and copy files.
Then processing finished and create a new picture.
Finally , I can found the flag hackover18{different_Fl4g_for_3arly_ch33tahz}

fσundєr & cєσ @fαntαsm — pєnєtrαtíσn tєstєr & sєcurítч rєsєαrchєr & lєαrnєr

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